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3 Ways SERVPRO Can Help With the Claims Process

1/24/2020 (Permalink)

The back of a SERVPRO truck opened, loaded with many equipment. Commercial water restoration service in Rosemont, IL

Three Ways These Professionals Can Help With the Claims Process

When it comes to protecting your Rosemont, IL, business you want to know that the professionals you work with can help make the process easier if a disaster should strike. Fortunately, the crew of your local SERVPRO can not only take care of a variety of damage types but offer claim services as well. Here are three ways these professionals can help with the claims process.

1. They Act Quickly

When it comes to damage to your business a quick emergency response time can play a role in preventing additional loss. The faster the damage can be cleaned up and restored the less overall damage the structure may face. A quick response time may also be important for getting your business up and running again after a disaster, meaning fewer profit losses as well.

2. They Have an Electronic Inventory Service

After a flooding or fire, it can be important to document everything. This includes making lists of damaged items and areas, along with photographing everything. Once the claim services offered by SERVPRO professionals is an electronic inventory system which can be used to keep track of all these things.

3. They Help You Access Your Claims Information
Staying up to date on damages and restoration progress can help both you and your insurance agent know what's going on. The ability to track and access this information electronically can also help streamline this process. The electronic inventory system offered by your local service makes both things possible.
Not only does your local SERVPRO act quickly to help prevent further damage, but they also offer several claim services which may help as well. Their electronic inventory system keeps lists of damaged items as well as photographs of the affected area. These professionals can use this system to help you keep track of, and access, any information your insurance agent may need.

4 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth in the Office

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

Indoor plants Indoor plants can be a great way to brighten up an office.

Ways to Prevent Mold Growth in the Office

Mold can have a major impact on your Park Ridge, IL, business. If your office sustains extensive mold damage, you may have to shut it down for cleaning. Black mold cleanup, in particular, is a costly process that could affect your company's profits.
While mold can appear anywhere, it is most commonly associated with water damage. Therefore, the best way to prevent mold growth is to limit the excess moisture on your property. Below are some tips for doing so.

Limit Humidity

Your local store should sell monitors for checking humidity. If your building has a humidity level above 60 percent, take steps to lower the amount of moisture in the air. You should also look out for other visible signs of excess humidity, including condensation on walls or windows.

Check Office Plants

Indoor plants can be a great way to brighten up an office. Unfortunately, their moist soil can also encourage the growth of mold. You don’t have to throw out these plants, however. Instead, add some Taheebo tea to the water you use to feed them. This tea, which is sold in natural food markets, hinders mold production.

Address Leaks and Floods Immediately

If you do find water damage, such as a leak or flood, don’t wait to address the problem. The longer the water sits there, the more mold will grow. Dry any wet items as soon as possible. Anything that cannot be completely dried should be removed from the premises.

Inspect Roof Gutters

A leaking roof is also a common source of mold. Damaged or clogged gutters can cause these leaks. You should have the roof inspected regularly and repair any problems if necessary.
By following the above mold prevention tips, you can protect your business and its assets. Still, these methods are not fool-proof. If your property does sustain water damage, you should contact mold remediation specialists immediately. They can inspect your building and perform mold cleanup services.

Smoke and Soot: The Damaging After effects of a Fire

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

Two tea pots covered with smoke and soot The #professionals at SERVPRO can take care of soot and smoke damage.

Smoke and Soot: The Damaging After effects of a Fire

The smallest of fires, even it isn’t at your Chicago, IL, business can lead to smoke damage and soot damage. Although the flames may be gone, the high acidic levels of smoke and soot can penetrate into materials and leave long-lasting effects.

Rapid Damage

Within minutes of a fire, smoke and soot are already beginning to damage your property. As soon as the fire is out and everyone is safe, making preparations for smoke cleaning and restoration are keys to getting your business back to normal. If left unchecked, the damage timeline can be extensive.

  • During the first few minutes, walls, plastics and porous materials will become stained.
  • Within hours, the acidic properties of soot and smoke can begin to affect metals, grout and other materials.
  • After a few days, stains can become permanent corrosion and rust can begin forming. Porous materials, such as flooring and upholstery, will likely need to be replaced.
  • As weeks go by, without proper cleaning, it can result in the loss of furniture, electronics and other supplies, as well as require more extensive repairs to walls, flooring, ceilings and other structural materials.

The Cleanup

Luckily, staying on the ball and contacting a fire restoration specialist can keep smoke damage from becoming permanent. They will do an assessment of the damage and work with you to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. After the assessment, a professional will have the tools and expertise to begin the cleanup process.
While not everything may be salvageable, the right cleaning process can eliminate the smoke odors. The pros use various methods for cleaning, which will depend on the item, including dry, wet, spray, foam, abrasive and immersion. These professional methods can possibly save electronics, furniture, documents and more.
Instead of dealing with a fire’s aftermath alone, count on a professional to guide you through the process. They can help reduce the lingering effects of smoke damage, making it seem “Like it never even happened”.

7 Signs Its Time for a Toilet Replacement

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

New ceramic toilet bowl near light wall Replacement toilet in a Rosemont, IL home

A leaking toilet in your Rosemont, IL, home doesn’t necessarily mean its time to head to the hardware store for a replacement. If it is newer, a simple toilet repair may do the trick. When it comes to aging toilets, besides their inefficiency, they are more prone to problems that could result in needed repairs beyond the bathroom that require a water damage specialist.

Signs a Replacement Is Needed

An old toilet has been used a lot through the years. All that work it has done eventually leads to issues that are sure signs that it’s time for something new.

Clogging – While some clogging is normal, consistent clogging may indicate a hidden issue. If it needs to be unclogged weekly or it abnormally backs up, it is probably time to replace.
Cracks – These are the main culprits of a leaking toilet both on the interior and exterior of the toilet. If the crack spreads, it can quickly lead to water damage and mold growth.
Constant Repairs – If seals, gaskets, flappers and other elements seem to always need to be fixed or tweaked, it can begin to make a more noticeable dent in your wallet than buying a new one.
Instability – Wobbling may indicate a loose screw. If tightening a bolt doesn’t do the trick, there could be damage to the flooring under the toilet.
Flushing Issues – High water bills are an indicator that the toilet isn’t functioning properly.
Surface Damage – Cleaning the toilet is not usually the most enjoyable a task. If your toilet is older, it can seem like a never-ending battle. Surface scratches can begin to deteriorate the porcelain, allowing for more buildup.
Mineral Deposits – If you have hard water issues, minerals eventually buildup in a toilet’s components, as well as in the pipes. Once there is too much, getting rid of it is difficult.

If you have a leaking toilet, quick action is the key to keeping further problems at bay. When addressing the issue, consider the above factors to determine if it’s time for a fix or a replacement.

Can You Declare Storm Damage on Your Tax Return?

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

The inside of a building flooded Flooded building in Chicago,IL

Storm Damage poses business owners in Chicago, IL, several major hurdles. First of all, it can shut down the institution, creating a loss of revenue and turning customers to another location. Secondly, costs of repairs can escalate rather quickly, especially if you need a water restoration company's services. You may wonder whether the government offers assistance in these cases, giving stores a helping hand. Yes, it's possible at times to file remediation costs on your annual tax return. This does have some rules though. Here are a few tips to consider.

What Types of Situations Are Covered?

Is your situation tax deductible? Not all insurance claims fall under federal mandates. According to recent guidelines, your business could declare losses if FEMA has labeled it as a national disaster. That means any of the following weather systems might be included:

  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Blizzards
  • Tornadoes

When you file, you'll need the information for the disaster claim, including FEMA's assigned number for the storm. Losses from deterioration and lack of care are not permissible.

Are There Any Other Requirements?

Storm Damage met from any of the above must be first processed through an insurance claim. If it isn't, the government does not grant a tax break. Therefore, before you see an accountant about your receipts, make sure you've spoken with your insurance agency. Once that is done, save your documentation. You can submit the total casualty loss that exceeded the insurance payment. While personal losses require a deductible, business owners are given more leniency.

Do You Need To Wait?

Having a tax deductible is usually beneficial; however, can the shop afford to wait? In addition, new rules allow for proprietors to place the loss on the previous year's return or the current year. This could help offset costs, giving the establishment cash to reopen the doors sooner. This is a choice, so you'll have to weigh what works best for you. If you want to apply it to last year, you'll need to file for an amendment or reconsideration.
The government offers those affected by Storm Damage some assistance. First file with insurance. Then, claim anything that was not covered.

4 Factors That May Affect the Cost of Mold Cleanup

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

mold on wallpaper Call the professionals for your mold remediation in Chicago, IL.

Finding a mold infestation in your Chicago, IL home can be distressing. Not only can most types of fungi spread quickly, but mold removal can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars if the problem is not rectified properly. If you are dealing with this issue in your home, you may want to be aware of a few factors that could affect cleanup costs.

The Depth of the Infestation

One major factor that could impact the cost of mold cleanup is the severity of the infestation. For example, having a basement wall stripped of several patches of fungi will likely be less costly than removing mold from the interior of your home’s drywall. Because mold can spread quickly, it is wise to call in experienced mold remediation technicians as soon as you discover its presence.

Mold Type

Some kinds of mold can be stubborn and may not respond to everyday household cleansers. One such type is black mold, which commonly forms after a flood or in areas that remain consistently damp. As such, black mold removal is best left to a professional removal and remediation service to ensure the infestation is removed completely and permanently.


The severity of mold damage can be affected by what caused it to grow in the first place. Most growths are encouraged by high humidity and the presence of moisture, so you may find mold in rooms affected by a flood, such as a bathroom where a tub or toilet recently overflowed. If the flooding was severe, then you may find yourself facing a higher cleanup cost.


The longer mold is allowed to remain on a surface, the more chances it has to grow and spread. Black mold can be especially quick to develop, but you may be able to keep costs low by having it removed by black mold cleanup technicians as soon as you find it in your home.

Mold removal costs for your Chicago, IL home can vary due to different factors. While you may not be able to control them all, knowing where to look for fungi and keeping moisture levels low may help control the expense.

Here’s How to Protect Your Pets During a Fire Event

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

dog with first aid kit Keep your pets safe if your home suffers from a fire loss

Many people treasure their pets; indeed, to some, they are as children. And like children, their safety should be considered during family disaster planning. if you experience a fire emergency in Park Ridge, IL, being prepared is an successful way to keep your pet unscathed and maybe even unaware that anything unfortunate happened.

Pet Safety in a Fire Starts by Helping Prevent Fires Started by Pets

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that around 1,000 fires are started by pets every year. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a fire emergency:

Extinguish unattended open flames, such as candles and fireplaces.
Make sure any wood stoves have their doors securely latched.
Turn off gas stoves and cover or remove the knobs.

Pet Preparation Should Start Early

Make sure your pet comes to you when you call them. This is super-easy to do if you always have a treat for them while they are being name-trained. Once they have learned to come, occasionally give a treat now and then when calling them so they’ll be eager to come every time!

The Family Plan

The NFPA provides public education for how to create a family plan. Once a fire starts, having a solid plan that all of you have practiced is the single most important factor in your pet’s safety – and the safety of your whole family. Practice the plan with everyone who lives there, including pets, and use treats for them to make it enjoyable – a step that may work wonders with small children as well.
If you aren’t at home in Park Ridge, IL during a fire, have a pet alert on a front window with the number of pets inside. Try to keep collars on them – and near entrances if possible – for the quickest access. If you have a pet door, use treats that encourage them to immediately run outside every time they hear the smoke detector.

Once the fire emergency is over, keep them away from any areas that are smoke-damaged or have dangerous rubble. Contact an experienced fire damage cleanup company to get things restored back to normal for both you and your pets.

Keeping Your Home Safe From Floods

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fenced backyard. View of lawn and blooming flower beds A crucial element to flood safety is landscaping

Safety Tips To Help You Keep Your Home Protected

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you may worry about protecting your home from dangerous storms. Even if you live someplace that is not regularly threatened by high water, you should learn about flood safety, as it can happen anywhere. According to FEMA, flooding is the most dangerous disaster in the United States. Here are some important safety tips to help you keep your home protected.

1. Anchor and Elevate

Both indoor and outdoor elements should be above flood level. Check FEMA's website to find flood maps for your Park Ridge,IL, home. All electrical systems and components such as wiring and sockets need to be a foot above the level that water is expected to rise. Home appliances such as air conditioners, generators, and furnaces should be securely anchored and raised above this level as well.

2. Check Your Valves

Another way to help flood proof your home is to install backflow valves. All pipes that are connected to your home should have this safety measure. These valves prevent sewage from backing up into your home from an overloaded sewage system.

3. Evaluate Your Landscape

A crucial element to flood safety is landscaping. You want water to drain away from your foundation and property, so check and improve the slope if needed. Additionally, you can place rain barrels to prevent some water from reaching the ground. Keep drains, gutters, and downspouts, clean and free from debris which can create blockages.

3. Know Who to Call

In the event that a severe storm creates water damage, it's important to be prepared. Even the most well-protected properties can incur storm damage when the conditions are harsh enough. When it comes to water damage remediation, you want to have the contact information for professionals who can arrive quickly to your emergency. You should also keep insurance information on hand to begin your claim.
Dealing with flood safety issues can be daunting. Keep these tips in mind to help lessen the potential damage.

The Truth About Commercial Generators

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial power generator A large commercial generator is a valuable company asset

The Truth About Commercial Generators

Generators come in all sizes. You can find small ones on the shelves of hardware, building supply and members-only shopping clubs everywhere. Just put a generator in your cart, take it to checkout and it’s yours for a price of a few hundred dollars. They are popular items when bad weather strikes.
A person running a small business could take one of these units to keep the lights, computers and the security system running. It might also handle a small refrigerator and microwave oven. However, putting one to use in a business does not make it a commercial unit. Commercial generators generally have the following attributes in common:

  • For safety, they are outdoors or in an outbuilding;
  • For convenience, they have a direct connection to the building’s electrical system;
  • For stability, they automatically switch on when a power failure occurs;
  • For simplicity, they run on natural or liquid propane gas; and
  • For versatility, they generate many KW and amps in a variety of phases and voltages.

Commercial Generators Are Excellent Investments

Commercial-quality backup power requires a significant investment. There is the cost of the unit, site preparation, installation and ongoing maintenance. However, comparing this to the cost of business downtime makes having backup power an excellent decision.

Commercial Generators Can Have a Long Life

A large commercial generator is a valuable company asset. As such, it should receive a level of attention like that received by the heating and air conditioning equipment. Preventive maintenance, periodic testing and occasional use help avoid generator problems. Generators don’t get much use but, when the need arises, they are worth their weight in gold. Businesses treat them accordingly and give them a long lifespan.
When storms shut down Chicago,IL, your commercial generator will give you an edge. Neighboring businesses will be struggling without power. Meanwhile, you can have a team of storm damage recovery experts on the job. Your business will look “Like it never even happened” well before your neighbors are up and running again.

3 Common Places Where You Can Expect Water Leaks

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fasten faucet using a wrench to rusty water pipe Certain appliances require water to perform their functions, but when they are defective, they can create strong water leaks

Learn More About The Places Where You Can Expect Water Leaks

Most water damage cases in your Rosemont,IL home are a result of water leaks. These leaks can sometimes be hard to detect, and by the time they manifest, there might be too much water in home. This occurrence can make any water damage repair attempts difficult. Continue reading to learn more about the places where you can expect water leaks and how to prevent excessive damage.

Home Appliances

Certain appliances require water to perform their functions, but when they are defective, they can create strong water leaks.

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Water heaters
  • Laundry machines

For the most part, these leaks are caused by aging components, damaged hoses and broken connections. The best way to reduce this damage is to conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure all parts work properly. Replace any cracked, worn out or outdated parts fast to prevent broken hose or pipe cleanup.

HVAC System

The heating, cooling and ventilation equipment in your home provides the right air temperature, depending on the season. It is normal for the unit to cool the air around it, causing condensation that drips outside of your home. However, if the system starts leaking and getting water in home, there is a major problem. If left unattended, this leak can cause water damage and even corrode the system. Place a pan under the dripping area to contain the problem and call a repair professional immediately.

Plumbing Problems

Your house's plumbing system is responsible for several vital functions, mainly transporting water where needed. While it is important to keep it in great shape, it also means any error can leak water anywhere in your home. From a loose connection to a broken pipe, these problems can create water damage in unsuspecting places. Look for signs of moisture and inspect your pipework to prevent damage from taking place.
Standing water in home can create costly, destructive damage. Closely look at these common leak sources and act fast if water starts to leak from them.